We are in the business of enhancing human capital and we take that role very seriously. We partner our clients, and commit to delivering value to their organisations through clear and measurable results.

JAF Consulting – 'Your Global Partner in Executive Recruitment!'

We have over the years established a good rapport with many clients from multi-national corporations (MNCs), government-linked companies (GLCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who believe in our ability to understand their businesses, maintaining open communications and most importantly, search for relevant candidates with speed and confidentiality.
To be our clients’ preferred and pre-eminent provider of human resource solutions, devoted to helping them achieve and maintain their competitive advantage.’

The key to the best business relationship is:
  • A thorough understanding of our clients' needs, priorities and expectations
  • The belief that satisfied customers are the result of providing prompt, dependable, worthwhile service
  • Always strive to deliver superior results and state-of-the-art strategies that meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.
  • We value the people within our organisation and believe that they are the source of our strength reputation, future growth and prosperity
  • We expect all of our partners and associates to personally assume the responsibility of conducting themselves in an ethical, accountable and cooperative manner
  • We will recognise and reward the conscientious efforts of productive individuals
  • Our organisation will always encourage the personal and professional growth of each partner and staff member